Important Announcement

I don’t really know how to put it. Hattori went through a really bad accident on his way to the airport.
Some stupid lorry just messed it up. He’s badly injured with fractures in right leg & arm. Basically, he’s going away for a long term. I hope he gets better soon & I hope you guys will do the same.

You can write him a e-card telling how strong he is & how much we love him.

Here –  
Thank you!


Edit: to clarify, we’re not stopping subbing, it’ll take more than a few broken bones to stop Hattori, but you can consider us as being on hiatus to allow for his recovery.

One Piece 620

Cover Image2Just get to the damn point!

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One Piece 619

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One Piece 618



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One Piece 617

Cover Image

Smack down!

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One Piece 616

Cover Image


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